Three Online Dating Sites You Might Want to Join

iStock_000008814695XSmall (588 x 390)With today’s technology, online dating is becoming less stigmatized and more popular, which allowed many free online dating websites to grow and offer unique features and perks. While some are considered a scam in a way that too many members in there are posing as someone they are not, these three websites are backed by members who found love through their online portals.


One of the biggest free online dating websites, you would not have a problem finding a match among over 30 million users with over a million logged in at once. However, the disadvantage of having such a huge userbase is the variety of personalities of members, some of which you might find too weird or scandalous for your taste. The trick to possibly avoid meeting someone too kinky for you is to answer the multiple-choice questions—which you will find the moment you sign up—honestly and truthfully. If you find an unfamiliar term, look it up on a search engine before answering the question. One “wrong” answer can open up your profile to a number of men and women you may find too adventurous in relationships. Also, if someone messages you and he or she is not your type, just politely say no, and if they persist, ignore or block them from messaging you again. Despite this disadvantage, many still found love on OKC.

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish, or POF as known by its members, is another free online dating website with a huge userbase. However, it recently removed some of its features as “free” and are now putting them up again as “premium” features, in which you have to pay to gain access to such perks. These features are optional, however, depending on how serious you are when it comes to online dating. If you are good with sending and receiving messages, then you don’t have to pay for anything. But if you want your profile to be featured prominently, see the status of your sent emails (if it has been read or not, or even deleted), or buy POF gifts that you can send to other members, then you will have to pay.


Unlike OKCupid and Plenty Of Fish, Alikewise has a pretty small number of users. This is because it serves as a niche online dating website, in which members are matched based on their literary tastes. If you are a bookworm and you want to discuss Umberto Eco’s works during a date, you may have a hard time finding your ideal man in other free online dating websites. But in Alikewise, you can find this type of guy in just a click of a button.

While you can find more free online dating websites just by typing on the search engine, it can be difficult to find one you are comfortable with. Just like “real life” dating, be patient and try to show your best points on your profile so you may finally find a match online.

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