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iStock_000009326323XSmall (588 x 390)Dating nowadays can become very expensive. Restaurants and dinners out, movies and plays, and other activities to entertain your date can run up a hefty bill, while we may not have the money to enjoy these luxuries every day as we are still earning or saving up for the future from our paychecks. It can also be embarrassing to tell your date that you can’t afford such and such.

However, dating need not be expensive to be fun, and you and your loved one can still enjoy a couple of dating games that are sure to help you and your date enjoy the time without breaking the bank or emptying your wallet.

Dates need not be expensive

Dating games are fun, cheap, and creative ways for spending time with your significant other. While dates are usually equated to dinners out, cocktails at a bar, movies or plays watched, or matinees to see, dates can be just as fun when you do other things for your dates. All it takes to come up with these dates is a little ingenuity and thought about what you and your date like to do. It may even score you points with your date for being creative and thinking out of the box, rather than being like the usual dates who have the same old schedule, routine, or activities.

Some dating games that you can do are board games. Taboo, Scrabble, Cranium, UNO, and other board games depending on what your date likes are good ways to wile the time away indoors. These are particularly good if your date is kind of a home buddy who enjoys staying in more often. They also make things interesting as they force you to think and get to know how each other works. They also encourage bonding and talking and actually getting to know each other face to face, which we now often leave to our social networks.

Other dating games are played even during activities outside the house. Perhaps you can play chess with the senior citizens at the local park, or feed the most birds around the town plaza. Some may even play with their dogs or pets if they have some at the park. Picnics at the park, with you packing a nice picnic basket lunch for the both of you can be full of fun and games, like looking at the people around or even at the shapes that clouds form in the sky.

There are so many dating games that can be played to keep the fun and excitement (and romance) going, without either of you having to shell out too much cash. Happiness need not be bought after all, and a satisfying and successful date need not depend on the amount of cash that you bring out. A lovely dinner at a swanky restaurant can be just as romantic as a picnic in the park or game night at home—all it takes is a little research, planning, and effort for a spectacular date.







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