Dating Tips Women Should Live By

iStock_000004255837XSmall (588 x 390)When it comes to dating, many women don’t really know what to do even after being with a few men. If they play hard-to-get, guys will think they are not interested. But if women act too eager, guys will think they are desperate. Even though it seems like there is no way to win, you can beat the odds by remembering these dating advice for women.

1. List down the qualities of your ideal man.

Before you go out and mingle, you should visualize what you want in a man first and write them all down. This dating advice for women is most popular among those who have had their hearts broken. Feel free to write whatever you want, it could be what you did not like about your ex or what you want to see more from a man. Just make sure your final list is made up of no more than 10 key qualities of your ideal man, as over 100 may be too much.

2. Don’t act needy.

When you go on your first date, remember this golden rule, which is also a canon dating advice for women: do not act clingy. There is a huge difference between being interested and being desperate. Being interested is when you pay more attention to your date while he tells you about himself because you are liking him more. Meanwhile, being desperate is when you tell him that sparks seem to be flying for the two of you and that you already have plans for the next 10 years of your life together. Try not to be the latter.

3. Be your own person even when you are already someone’s other half.

If the first date has progressed to several more dates or you two are getting more serious, you might find the urge to make your daily life about your significant other. However, try not to do that, but instead, as what another dating advice for women keeps getting reiterated, do your own thing. Whatever stuff you used to do before you met your man—minus the random flirting and hookups with guys, if you two are exclusive—do not stop doing it. Spend your alone time doing your hobbies, keep joining your girls’ nights out, or go on trips without him. This way, you will not act too needy for him and you will still look interesting in his eyes.

These three dating advice for women should help you prepare for dating without making the same mistakes a lot of ladies make. You may have made the same mistake before. If you have, then fret not, because now you know better. Just be confident with yourself and don’t settle for any guy just because you don’t want to be single any longer. Find someone whom you think you will have fun with even on a lazy day. Find someone whom you will accept into your life, not just someone who accepts you. Keep all of these in mind, and soon enough you may find the man of your dreams.

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