Singapore Dating: How To Navigate the Singapore Dating Scene

iStock_000015146163XSmall (588x400)If you are into Singapore dating, you will have to learn how to find Singaporeans who are single and looking for potential love matches. While many still do the traditional way of dating, or through blind dates or recommendations from friends, many people are now turning to new and innovative ways of meeting singles who wish to date.

Fear not, however, since Singapore dating can also be done in the same way many other people are doing it in other parts of the globe: through the online dating scene!

The online Singapore dating scene

Singapore dating is unique in how it brings together traditional Asian cultures and values and yet blends it in with contemporary technology and ways of getting to know people. While Singaporeans are very hard working, neat, and fastidious, they are also sweet, romantic, and caring individuals, despite their on-the-go and very fast paced lifestyle. As such, while some of people may meet “the one” at work, or as their childhood sweetheart at school, many still do not enter the Singapore dating scene immediately because they are unable to meet many new people or someone who is “right” for them.

Singapore dating then is not just about dates during lunch, or dinners and movies out. It has not transferred to the online world, where people can now meet and interact with so many people whom they previously would not have been able to meet had they not joined an online dating site.

Because of the numerous people who have turned to dating sites to find potential matches, many Singaporean dating sites have also sprung up. Most will have paid memberships, which allow you to post a profile and take tests or answer forms that will match you to those who have common interests or answers. Some are also free, though the features may not be as many. Many single Singaporean men and women now frequent these sites during their spare time, perhaps due to and despite having a lot of work and responsibilities to do.

There are many dating sites online now where Singaporeans meet and chat. Many articles online list the best dating sites right now for Singaporeans, and so a little research can lead you to find the best site for yourself so that you can enjoy dating Singaporeans as well! With the many dating sites available online, and the many features and benefits to potentially match your personality with someone similar or compatible, it is no wonder that more and more people are finding their soul mate through the internet.

These are just some tips on how to navigate the Singaporean dating scene, in order to find out how to meet single Singaporean men and women. It may take a little effort and getting used to the ways and culture of the dating scene, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to navigate your way with ease and hopefully find the right person for you.








What Singapore Dating Sites Are Good?

Happy Attractive Woman and Man Couple In Sunglasses At BeachThere are now many Singapore dating sites being featured online. Before, online dating was not very popular, but with the sudden explosion of social media, internet, and technology, many people

Some fun and safe Singapore dating sites

Singapore dating sites cater to many different Singaporeans, with an occasional smattering of foreigners who are looking for Singaporean beaus. They are very much similar to the larger, wider versions such as,, or, though in a way, it is a niche site for Singaporeans. Their main selling points are similar to the bigger sites, while also catering more the Singaporean population who are often busy and on-the-go.

One of the most popular among Singapore dating sites is, which offers a way to view profiles of other people online, chat, email, and video with them, and potentially set up dates with them. With over twenty three thousand members now, it offers many choices for you to potentially get to know. There is a profile matching system as well, which helps you narrow down your search among those in the site. They also offer access to other members on the cupid media network.

Another one among the popular Singapore dating sites is, which does something similar with and is run by a community. creates an atmosphere of friendship and love in the community. You can register for free, though their deluxe account which has access to more features is SGD 16.95 a month

Lastly, there is, whose mission is to help you find true love and romance, and not just a simple hookup. It even has a mobile app, which you can access either on android or iPhones, which makes contacting potential love interests that much easier. It matches people who live nearby or are potential matches through their profiles, and through what they call the “Little Black Book”, you can even find any who are interested you and chat them up. There is free membership but also paid membership which gives members access to more features.

There are many, many more Singapore dating sites out there—these are simply three of the most popular there are. They offer very similar services but try to outdo each other through the kind of environment they offer, and potentially having more matches made in their site. Each site promotes high success rates, but of course online dating will still not be a success if you do not go out there, join a site, and meet new people and singles.

These online dating sites are not magic, nor are they the equivalent of love potions and spells. While joining a successful site will up your chances of finding “the one” who you may meet and have a chance at forever at, it will still require effort on your part to meet people and make the relationship work, just like any other relationship found through other ways. Join, have fun, and may you find your happily ever after.


A Few Online Dating Tips for Women

Young couple drinking wine and flirtingIn a world where the internet has become a staple in every person’s life, relationships have now evolved into something that can also take place via computer, mobile, or tablet. Dating can now be done by meeting and mingling with other people who are also looking for potential mates through online dating sites. However, it can also be very unsafe and intimidating for women who are new to the online dating scene, especially since predators and rapists hang around these sites, too.

Because of this, here are some online dating tips for women compiled to this article to help women who are new to the online dating sites have a good experience and actually meet potential suitors rather than dangerous people. Taking the time to understand some online dating tips for women can spell the difference between a successful match or a lousy or even possibly dangerous encounter.

Some safety and dating tips for women

Online dating tips for women that keep women safe are similar to the kind of safety tips we give anyone when they have a public online profile. First of all, do not give too much private information away, as this can be used to stalk you or even steal your other personal and financial information. Do not offer too much detail about your routine either, as again, it can be used to gain knowledge of your whereabouts and activities that can be used in unsavory ways.

Other online dating tips for women to keep them safe include keeping a decent profile that does not invite unwanted attention. Look at what others in your age range and bracket are saying about themselves. Spend time making a profile that is candid yet discreet and of quality—never a misrepresentation of yourself. Make sure that the site you sign up for is reliable and known, not a sleazy site that is actually just for hook ups or for booty calls.

Try to get to know the person as much as you can online. While you do not need to be afraid to make the first move, check the person’s background when you do initiate contact. Also, when going for a first date, make sure that the date place is a common and public area, to minimize the chances of anything bad happening. Let your friends and family know where you are as well. Trust your instinct, too: it has saved many a life for women. If you feel that the person who messaged you is not okay for any reason at all, you can just say no.

These are just a few online dating tips for women that can keep the online dating scene safe, fun, and free for everyone. At the end of the day, dating is supposed to be fun and a way to get know people and perhaps even meet new friends! Hopefully these tips help you meet a potential match safely and effectively, for your own happily ever after.



What Online Dating Sites Can I Go To?

iStock_000010923374XSmall (588 x 390)You have probably decided that you want to try joining some online dating sites, after getting over your ex or simply wishing to try your hand at love. So now, you are probably wondering what site you should join. There are so many—which one is the best for you?

It can be very hard to find the right person for you who will be your lifelong partner, but certainly it should not be hard to find a dating site in order to meet this person. You want a site where the odds will be in your favor, so you may want to look at what kind of site you want to join.

Some good online dating sites

Online dating sites are now a dime a dozen online. Just searching for them will lead you to number of sites that promise to help you find dates and romantic relationships.

Some online dating sites are general sites which cater to one and all—just sign up and you will have access to so many different profiles of people who you can message if you see that his or her profile is a match to yours. While there are more potentially interesting people on these sites, you will also have to go through their profiles, which may be totally opposite yours. The site may have potential match making facilities, but still, you would need to go through the person’s profile to see whether it could possibly be a good fit between the two of you.

Some online dating sites are specifically niche sites. Some sites are specifically geared towards Christians, or for those who like certain things like anime and so on. While there are definitely less people on them, you are sure to find at least one thing in common with them, and that makes finding if you will be a good fit less tedious, especially if the niche of the site that you joined is very important to you or is non negotiable.

Good examples of online dating sites are and There is also and These four sites all help people find potential matches through questions they answer and using science to match who a person will most likely get along with and are compatible with. They are very good at what they do, and many clients who have used these sites have met their future husbands or wives through these online dating sites.

While no online dating site is fool proof in helping everyone find their happily ever after, it is still a very good start to meeting new people and learning new things about people and about themselves. In the end, the people are able to find the one, not just by patiently and persistently using the dating sites for meeting new people and new potential lovers, but by growing, developing, and also knowing more about themselves and what they like or do not like about others.





Three Online Dating Sites You Might Want to Join

iStock_000008814695XSmall (588 x 390)With today’s technology, online dating is becoming less stigmatized and more popular, which allowed many free online dating websites to grow and offer unique features and perks. While some are considered a scam in a way that too many members in there are posing as someone they are not, these three websites are backed by members who found love through their online portals.


One of the biggest free online dating websites, you would not have a problem finding a match among over 30 million users with over a million logged in at once. However, the disadvantage of having such a huge userbase is the variety of personalities of members, some of which you might find too weird or scandalous for your taste. The trick to possibly avoid meeting someone too kinky for you is to answer the multiple-choice questions—which you will find the moment you sign up—honestly and truthfully. If you find an unfamiliar term, look it up on a search engine before answering the question. One “wrong” answer can open up your profile to a number of men and women you may find too adventurous in relationships. Also, if someone messages you and he or she is not your type, just politely say no, and if they persist, ignore or block them from messaging you again. Despite this disadvantage, many still found love on OKC.

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish, or POF as known by its members, is another free online dating website with a huge userbase. However, it recently removed some of its features as “free” and are now putting them up again as “premium” features, in which you have to pay to gain access to such perks. These features are optional, however, depending on how serious you are when it comes to online dating. If you are good with sending and receiving messages, then you don’t have to pay for anything. But if you want your profile to be featured prominently, see the status of your sent emails (if it has been read or not, or even deleted), or buy POF gifts that you can send to other members, then you will have to pay.


Unlike OKCupid and Plenty Of Fish, Alikewise has a pretty small number of users. This is because it serves as a niche online dating website, in which members are matched based on their literary tastes. If you are a bookworm and you want to discuss Umberto Eco’s works during a date, you may have a hard time finding your ideal man in other free online dating websites. But in Alikewise, you can find this type of guy in just a click of a button.

While you can find more free online dating websites just by typing on the search engine, it can be difficult to find one you are comfortable with. Just like “real life” dating, be patient and try to show your best points on your profile so you may finally find a match online.

A Free Dating Site: Trust It or Not?

iStock_000005281723XSmall (588 x 390)Many people now often go and enjoy going to any free dating site that offers them chances to meet potential spouses, boyfriends, or girlfriends. While many sites are often paid memberships, there are also many sites online that are free. A free dating site often has more members as well since it does not require money to join, but it also invites many people to harass others more easily since there is less of a barrier to entry. The question then is, how can we tell if a site is good or not?

How to tell if it is a good site or not

A free dating site is as good as the service it provides, which is connecting single men and women together through the use of each person’s profile and match making algorithms or systems. However, cybercrime has also become rampant, with people now taking advantage of men and women over the internet, stalking them, abusing them or bullying them, and even luring them to meet up in order to steal from them or harass them.

It is not to say, however, that a free dating site is bad. It just goes to show though that one should be careful when going around them. Some sites may already have a reputation of being just for hook ups, or where many predators already prowl. As such, it may be good to know which sites are safe and which sites are good for meeting good matches.

When looking out for which sites are good and which are dubious, you can rely on word of mouth as well. There are many forums online that also talk about what dating sites have good match making facilities, as well as being safe and making sure its users are safe. They may have a “report user” function of sorts that allows people to report abusive or predatorial users of the site. If you are on the site and spot such people, do not also hesitate to report them, as such unwanted behavior should not be tolerated and should be stopped.

You can also check various testimonials of people online of the different sites that can be used. Of course, use reputable dating sites and conduct yourself with propriety online. When you craft your social image, make sure it is for someone who you would want to attract and not too outrageous. You have every right not to answer a message if it is suspicious, abusive, or violent. Your safety is still of paramount importance.

Any free dating site should assure you that it will do its utmost to keep its users safe. Part of online dating is that it is fun and easy and connects you to many different people, but it should not be at the expense of your safety. A paid dating site is not necessarily better than a free dating site, but some free sites require a bit more caution when navigating them.






How To: Dating Younger Women

iStock_000010827489XSmall (588 x 390)Many women look for mature men as potential love interests, while many men love to pursue younger women because of their youth and beauty. Because of this, many couples are now older men with younger women, women often see men who are younger than they are as less mature and wish to be taken cared of by someone older.

Dating younger women can be daunting, however, especially since the challenge of dating someone who may not necessarily be within your age range can be very taxing on a relationship. This article will give you some tips on how to maintain such a relationship despite an age gap and perhaps, varying interests, hobbies, perspectives, and ways of communicating.

How to make it work

Dating younger women is no easy feat, but just like any relationship, working at it will reap many rewards in terms of your relationship. The first thing that needs to be acknowledged is that the age gap can really affect the way you both see the world and interact with others, and as such this is a major thing to consider when you begin the relationship and get to know one another. Both need to decide whether this is something worth living with, and if they can choose to love one another despite the differences, which can become very big differences.

Next, when dating younger women, one should be aware that there is a chance that one will always “give in” and simply copy or follow just to get with the program. The older man may simply try to be more “in” with the way the woman goes. Remember that the relationship should be that of a give and take situation. The guy should not always bend over backwards for the woman, while the woman should also be more mature to match the man. This does not mean however that the man should always lecture and preach the younger woman. When you are dating younger women, you are not her father, you are her partner.

Being her partner then, means also appreciating the younger woman’s lifestyle, her cheerfulness and its spontaneity, which can also bring much joy and energy into any relationship. There is not pressure yet to settle down or have children for younger women, and so the life dating younger women brings to the relationship can make anyone feel very much younger and lighter. The older man will enjoy keeping up with the younger woman’s activities, while at the same time keeping his mature self by showing his wisdom and talent in making sure they enjoy the activities properly, safely, and in a way that will not compromise anyone.

Dating younger women can be very fun, and can lead to very fulfilling relationships for both the older man and the younger woman. If both parties choose to love each other despite the differences and to make things work in the same way they would make other relationships work, then there is definitely much potential in the relationship.




Fun Dating Games To Play

iStock_000009326323XSmall (588 x 390)Dating nowadays can become very expensive. Restaurants and dinners out, movies and plays, and other activities to entertain your date can run up a hefty bill, while we may not have the money to enjoy these luxuries every day as we are still earning or saving up for the future from our paychecks. It can also be embarrassing to tell your date that you can’t afford such and such.

However, dating need not be expensive to be fun, and you and your loved one can still enjoy a couple of dating games that are sure to help you and your date enjoy the time without breaking the bank or emptying your wallet.

Dates need not be expensive

Dating games are fun, cheap, and creative ways for spending time with your significant other. While dates are usually equated to dinners out, cocktails at a bar, movies or plays watched, or matinees to see, dates can be just as fun when you do other things for your dates. All it takes to come up with these dates is a little ingenuity and thought about what you and your date like to do. It may even score you points with your date for being creative and thinking out of the box, rather than being like the usual dates who have the same old schedule, routine, or activities.

Some dating games that you can do are board games. Taboo, Scrabble, Cranium, UNO, and other board games depending on what your date likes are good ways to wile the time away indoors. These are particularly good if your date is kind of a home buddy who enjoys staying in more often. They also make things interesting as they force you to think and get to know how each other works. They also encourage bonding and talking and actually getting to know each other face to face, which we now often leave to our social networks.

Other dating games are played even during activities outside the house. Perhaps you can play chess with the senior citizens at the local park, or feed the most birds around the town plaza. Some may even play with their dogs or pets if they have some at the park. Picnics at the park, with you packing a nice picnic basket lunch for the both of you can be full of fun and games, like looking at the people around or even at the shapes that clouds form in the sky.

There are so many dating games that can be played to keep the fun and excitement (and romance) going, without either of you having to shell out too much cash. Happiness need not be bought after all, and a satisfying and successful date need not depend on the amount of cash that you bring out. A lovely dinner at a swanky restaurant can be just as romantic as a picnic in the park or game night at home—all it takes is a little research, planning, and effort for a spectacular date.







What Is A Dating Agency?

iStock_000004711316XSmall (588 x 400)With over seven billion people in the world, it can be daunting to enter the dating scene and ask people out. There’s also a chance it may take awhile to find a good match—someone who you would be willing to have a relationship with.

Some people have made ways to find it easier to find that special someone, especially for all the single people out there who are finding it difficult to find the one. People can now go through a dating agency to find a special someone to date.

Dating agencies are not new—they have been around since the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and continue to offer their services today, but in new and different ways.

Dating agencies and how to use them

There are a lot of dating agencies out there. A dating agency can mean any service that serves as a way to match people together in a romantic way. A dating agency can have several services or ways in order to bring people together, in the hopes of a romantic relationship that could form when they meet.

The most common of course is a direct matchmaking service that brings people together, face to face. In this case, a person needs to actually be there in order to find a match, and to gauge their chemistry with other people. This is the traditional service that is offered, but often can be hard to do because it requires physical presence and time which many people may not have time to offer in bulk.

Internet dating is also becoming common—a dating agency may now host a website where people can post their profiles and message each other if they find another person’s profile interesting. Many different sites can be found online if you google the words “dating agency” or “dating site”—it is just a matter of finding one that is safe and reputable for online dating and fixing up one’s profile on these social media platforms.

Some groups organize what is called speed dating events. A dating agency or even different groups can gather a large number of people and brings them all together to introduce themselves and meet new people around—but only within a set period of time. After the time limit has expired, they will have to move on and meet a new person. This keeps things fresh and going, and you end up being able to meet many new people in a set amount of time, and you can choose to go back and get the details of someone who you found particularly interesting.

Dating agencies now offer whole new ways of meeting other single people, and hopefully falling in love. With the advent of technology, communication, and services such as what a dating agency can offer, it is no wonder now that meeting the one for you is now so much easier. Dating agencies offer such valuable services for those who wish to find a potential partner in life.


Dating Tips Women Should Live By

iStock_000004255837XSmall (588 x 390)When it comes to dating, many women don’t really know what to do even after being with a few men. If they play hard-to-get, guys will think they are not interested. But if women act too eager, guys will think they are desperate. Even though it seems like there is no way to win, you can beat the odds by remembering these dating advice for women.

1. List down the qualities of your ideal man.

Before you go out and mingle, you should visualize what you want in a man first and write them all down. This dating advice for women is most popular among those who have had their hearts broken. Feel free to write whatever you want, it could be what you did not like about your ex or what you want to see more from a man. Just make sure your final list is made up of no more than 10 key qualities of your ideal man, as over 100 may be too much.

2. Don’t act needy.

When you go on your first date, remember this golden rule, which is also a canon dating advice for women: do not act clingy. There is a huge difference between being interested and being desperate. Being interested is when you pay more attention to your date while he tells you about himself because you are liking him more. Meanwhile, being desperate is when you tell him that sparks seem to be flying for the two of you and that you already have plans for the next 10 years of your life together. Try not to be the latter.

3. Be your own person even when you are already someone’s other half.

If the first date has progressed to several more dates or you two are getting more serious, you might find the urge to make your daily life about your significant other. However, try not to do that, but instead, as what another dating advice for women keeps getting reiterated, do your own thing. Whatever stuff you used to do before you met your man—minus the random flirting and hookups with guys, if you two are exclusive—do not stop doing it. Spend your alone time doing your hobbies, keep joining your girls’ nights out, or go on trips without him. This way, you will not act too needy for him and you will still look interesting in his eyes.

These three dating advice for women should help you prepare for dating without making the same mistakes a lot of ladies make. You may have made the same mistake before. If you have, then fret not, because now you know better. Just be confident with yourself and don’t settle for any guy just because you don’t want to be single any longer. Find someone whom you think you will have fun with even on a lazy day. Find someone whom you will accept into your life, not just someone who accepts you. Keep all of these in mind, and soon enough you may find the man of your dreams.